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How To Reset The Pur Water Filter Light – Step by Step Guide

How To Reset The Pur Water Filter Light
How To Reset The Pur Water Filter Light

You should know How To Reset The Pur Water Filter Light? In case your domestic water supply has a mild excess of TDS.

Or has some heavy metal contamination, you can use a PUR faucet or pitcher filtration system to ensure that the water you drink is clean and safe to drink.

Toxic substances and other impurities may enter your water supply at any time so it is highly recommended that you use some sort of water filtration or purification system.

Faucet filtration systems are an attachment to your kitchen faucet. It decreases the total dissolved salts present in the water and reduces most contaminants.

And impurities present in your water supply including lead, mercury, most pesticides, and most pharmaceutical impurities.

Why Use Pur Water Filter:

There are many benefits to using Pur water filters. The main advantage is that Pur water filters are certified to reduce over 70 different types of contaminants including more than 99% of lead present in water.

No other faucet-mounted water filter brand reduces these many different contaminants. The Pur is the bestselling brand in water filters and has been delivering the highest quality of water filtration and purification systems for over 30 years.

In addition, Pur water filters make use of the latest activated charcoal and ion exchange technologies to prevent the reduction of natural essential minerals like copper and zinc while filtering all impurities.


Water that is filtered by Pur filters is usually contaminant-free, odor-free has a crisp taste, and most importantly is safe to drink.

The installation process is quite easy as well and the Pur water filter is universally compatible as the filter comes with several adaptors that allow it to fit with almost all types of faucets.

You do not require any specialized tools to attach the filter to your faucet. Also, the Pur water filter comes with a built-in LED light that displays the current status of your filter.

Pur Water Filter Light:

The Pur water filter light indicates whether your filter needs a replacement or not. Each filter can purify up to 100 gallons of water depending upon your water supply quality and the filter model that you are using.

In a typical household, this translates to roughly 3 months of moderate use.

The light indicator works something like a timer. It is part of a sensor circuit designed to measure the purity of the water coming out of the filter.

The light blinks appropriately to indicate how efficient the filter is working at any given time. This LED indicator works on two batteries and does not need frequent changing.

The green light means that your filter is working under its optimum capability and you do not need to worry about a replacement.

If the light turns yellow it means that your filter is nearing the end of its prime and you should change your filter for ideal performance.

In case your water filter’s light flashes red, you must replace your filter immediately and stop using it until you do.

It means that your filter has come to the end of its life and it will not work properly. Using the water filter while its light is flashing red is a health hazard.

A red flashing light all of a sudden could also mean that the Pur water filter light’s batteries are completed. In this case, you must remove the battery holder compartment from the filter head.

Replace the expired batteries with new ones and push the compartment in until it makes a clicking sound. If the filter light still flashes red it could be either a problem with the sensor or the circuit.

You should consider replacing the electronic circuit or the sensor if this happens.

How to Reset the Pur Water Filter Light:

You must reset your water filter light every time you change your filter to ensure that there is no residue left from the previous filter.

Make sure you properly and thoroughly rinse the filter and the system and then let one or two gallons flow through the new filter before using it. Once you reset the filter light, it will start flashing the appropriate color.

To reset the Pur water filter light, you should press and hold the reset button on the filtration system for five seconds.

The light often goes into sleep mode and to check which mode the filter is in you must reset the filter in the above manner.

Make sure that you keep frequently resetting the Pur water filter light to make sure that you can keep track of the condition of your water purifier.

In some cases, your sensor may not work properly due to an incorrect fitting or due to some kind of debris or dirt that clogs the filter.

If this happens, you should rinse the entire filter and its housing and then let it dry and then reassemble the setup again.

After this, try pressing the reset button for five seconds again. In most cases, this should turn your filter light back to green.

If your light still does not work properly after rinsing it the problem might be under the filter. The sensor might have gotten trapped or stuck and due to this, it may malfunction.

For this, use a flathead screwdriver or a similar tool and use it to wiggle the sensor out and put the filter back. Once you do that, reset the Pur water filter light by pressing the reset button for five seconds. If you still face any issue with the filter, you can directly contact customer support at Pur.

Changing the Water Filter:

Replacing the filter is quite easy on all Pur water filtration systems. You just have to follow the given steps:

  • Unscrew the cap and remove the used filter from the mounted holder.
  • Insert a new compatible filter and let it soak in cold water for around 10 minutes or so.
  • Then wash the pitcher and rinse it thoroughly.
  • Next, hold the new filter under running water for five minutes.
  • After that, Insert the new filter back into its position in the holder tray. In order to seal it tightly twist clockwise while pulling it down. The filter will be locked in place as long as it is properly sealed.
  • Finally, screw the cap back on and let one or two gallons flow through the tap before starting use.

Once you change filters, make sure you reset the filter light and check that it is working properly too.

FAQs and Troubleshooting

  • How does the Pur water filter light work?

The Pur water filter light works by measuring the purity of the water that comes out from the filters. It is also capable of measuring the total volume of water filtered since the previous filter switch. Basically, this light tells you if it is time to replace your water filters or not.

  • How to replace Pur water filter battery?

To change the water filter light’s batteries, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Remove the battery holder from the filter head mounted to your faucet.
  2. Replace the current batteries with your new ones.
  3. Close the battery compartment and slide it in. You will hear a click once the batteries are in the right place.
  • What should do if the Pur water pitcher filter indicator light not working?

If your Pur water pitcher filter indicator light is not working, you should first replace the batteries as shown above and reset it and try again. If the issue persists then it is very likely to be a problem with the sensor circuitry. For further inquiries, you can directly contact the Pur customer service, they will guide you.

  • What kinds of problems arise in a Pur water filter?

Pur water filters are known for their good quality and you will generally not face much trouble while using them. However, you may face issues related to installation problems or the filter light not working. These are usually pretty easy to fix and need no technical support.

  • How to use safely Pur water filter?

To use the Pur water filters safely you must replace your filters every time the light blinks yellow and see that your water filter light is working properly. Also, make sure that you regularly use the filter and in case you are using it after an extended break, let one or two gallons flow out before continuing use.

Video: Reset Pur Water Filter Light

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