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Top 10 Best Ductless Range Hoods Reviews With Pros and Cons

Finding for modern and stylish ductless range hoods for your kitchen? Here we have compiled a list of 10 best ductless range hoods. Every kitchen should have a range hood installed over the stove, as it prevents the smells from food prepping to flood the house. Did you try to get one for your kitchen, but couldn’t do so because you had no way to take the hood’s ducts outside? Then it may be time to take a closer look at ductless range hoods. Much needed cookware.

Ductless Range Hoods
Ductless Range Hoods

In comparison with traditional range hoods, which carry smoke, steam, and smells outside your home through ducts, ductless range hoods have a different functioning principle. They use the absorbent power of charcoal filters. This way, you will get rid of the necessity to install ducts in your kitchen. Check out our other reviews such as duffel bag, vinyl repair kit etc.

In other words, ductless range hoods are easier to install and could easily fit in all kitchens, regardless of their size. If you are interested in such a hood, here is a list with the best ductless range hoods available at the moment. Here picked some high quality and smart designed ductless range hoods by Cookery Tool to review.

10 Best Ductless Range Hoods Reviews

1. BROAN Under-Cabinet Range Hood 30-Inch

Broan-NuTone 413004 Ductless Range Hood
Broan-NuTone 413004 Ductless Range Hood

This particular ductless range hood can be a very discreet presence in your kitchen. It can be easily installed under a special cabinet and help you get rid of smells and smoke with a highly effective charcoal filter. For best results, it is indicated to install this range hood at a height of minimum 18 inches above the stove.

It can also offer additional light when you’re cooking, by having a special place for a light bulb to be installed. But, it is worth knowing that the light bulb does not come with the hood. You will have to purchase it separately. Apart from this, you will enjoy a fan that will work for years in a row without the need for any repairs or intervention.

Still, the charcoal filter will have to be replaced periodically, as recommended by the manufacturer or depending on your cooking frequency. This is due to the fact that charcoal has a limit when it comes to the number of particles it can absorb.

Once it reaches saturation, it will not do its job properly. But, replacing the charcoal filter is all you need to do in order to enjoy an odor-free kitchen and house when preparing your favorite dishes.

Highlighted features of this ductless range hoods

  • No ducts required for the installation of this range hood;
  • Removes smoke and odors with the help of a charcoal filter and a two-speed motor;
  • Lamp lens that distributes the light evenly under the hood;
  • The hood can be ordered in a variety of widths and colors.
  • Easy to install
  • Total smoke removal capacity
  • Good looking and stylish
  • Multi-color available
  • No cons at all from our end.

2. Cosmo 30-inch Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Cosmo 30 in. Under Cabinet Range Hood
Cosmo 30 in. Under Cabinet Range Hood

Even when space is limited, you can still enjoy a high-quality range hood in your kitchen. The slim design of this particular hood makes it easy to fit in small spaces. So, the fact that you are living in an apartment should not prevent you from getting a proper range hood for your kitchen.

The fact that this is a ductless model is another plus worth of considering. With the help of a carbon filter kit, smoke, odors, and steam will be quickly and effectively removed from your kitchen and home. This is also enhanced by the fact that the fan of the hood has three different speeds to choose from.

So, even when you fry something, you can be sure that the fans will work at the desired level each time. Generating maximum of 56 dB, this hood will be very silent in spite of the fact that it is very effective.

Thus, you should not be afraid of having to endure a lot of noise each time you will use it. Also, besides using carbon filters, the hood also features an aluminum mesh, which can be reused over and over again. It will trap grease that can be later on removed.

Highlighted features of this ductless range hoods

  • A powerful yet silent ductless range hood, which will develop 56 dB at most;
  • 5 buttons for complete control of the hood’s features and power;
  • Effective filtering with the help of carbon filter and reusable aluminum mesh;
  • The hood provides proper light while being energy-effective, with the help of two LED light bulbs.
  • Total noise-free
  • Enough buttons for full control
  • Well designed and smart looking
  • Good quality LED for decent lightings
  • Not much color available.

3. Cosmo Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Cosmo Under Cabinet Range Hood
Cosmo Under Cabinet Range Hood

This model is definitely one of the best ductless range hoods, as it gets as close as possible to a professional range hood, without the need to worry about ducts all over the kitchen. It is highly effective in doing its job, while being silent, not bothering you or your family with its noises.

This is a desirable feature considering that it features two motors, instead of one. Of course, you can set the desired speed of the fans, having 3 different levels to choose from. Another great advantage of this range hood is that the filters are reusable and can be washed in the dishwasher.

So, they will last for a very long time, keeping your house free of smoke and unwanted odors. The design of this range hood is modern and sturdy, and besides offering a digital display for its control, you can also make the desired settings with the help of remote control.

Yes, turn your range hood on and off, set the speed of the fans, turn the lights on, and other commands in a remote manner. Talking about turning the lights on, this range hood utilizes two economic LED light bulbs of 1,5 watts each.

Highlighted features of this ductless range hoods

  • Smoke and odors are immediately and effectively removed by this range hood, without it bothering with a lot of noise;
  • The filters are dishwasher-safe, so they are easy to clean and will save you money by not having to replace them periodically;
  • It features a modern digital display and remote control for adjusting the desired settings.
  • Very fast smoke removal
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to control all the settings with digital display
  • There are no cons from our end

4. Kitchen Bath Collection Wall-Mounted Kitchen Range Hood

Kitchen Bath Collection Range Hood
Kitchen Bath Collection Range Hood

This is a range hood model that doesn’t require the presence of a cabinet, like the rest of the models presented so far. It is decorative on its own, so you don’t need to spend additional money to build a cabinet for the installment of this hood. But, in spite of its design, you should not worry about ducts, as we are talking about a ductless model.

The filtering process is done effectively with the help of charcoal filters. You can set the functioning speed of the hood, as there are three different speed options. Due to the fact that charcoal carbon filters perform the filtering process, you can forget all about odors. Charcoal is known for its ability to remove unpleasant smells, so they will be out of the question for real.

The chimney of the hood is adjustable, so you can easily set it according to the height of your kitchen. Because it is a seamless chimney, it will appear neat and beautiful no matter what height you will set for it. The installation of this hood is extremely easy, as you won’t need any additional kits to mount it and make it work. Just take it out of its box and put it in the desired spot, as instructed.

Highlighted features of this product

  • Beautiful design with adjustable chimney and digital control options;
  • Small and economical LED lights that are capable of providing a high degree of light;
  • Besides charcoal carbon filters, the hood also provides additional filtering with the help of aluminum filters, which can be washed in the dishwasher;
  • The high-quality stainless steel used for the making for the body.
  • Digital control option makes easy to use system
  • Decent lightings
  • It have an additional carbon filter
  • Easy to clean
  • Longlasting stainless steel body
  • No installation option for the wall.

5. Cosmo 30-inch Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Cosmo COS-QS75 Range Hood
Cosmo COS-QS75 Range Hood

You really don’t need a lot of space in order to accommodate an effective range hood in your kitchen. This particular model is a slim one, so most certainly you will find the ideal spot to place it. Thus, it is easy to save space and enjoy an odor-free kitchen each time you’re cooking.

The best part is that you don’t need to use ducts either, as the hood operates very well with carbon filter kits. You just need to keep an eye on the filters, in order to replace them when they are saturated with particles. This way, you will keep the range hood in great shape at all times.

When it comes to the noise it makes, this range hood is much more discreet than most hoods from the same category. So, if the noise it will make worries you, it’s worth knowing that this hood will develop 56 dB at most. With a size of only 30 inches, it will easily fit in any home, under a small kitchen cabinet.

You will be able to control the hood with the help of a set of buttons, made to be easy to push. This way, you can set the desired speed, choosing from the three different speeds, whether you want the light on or off, or to turn the hood on and off, as desired.

Highlighted features

  • Powerful and silent, this range hood gives you the chance to choose the desired motor speed;
  • Works amazing with carbon filter kits, so you don’t need any ducts in your kitchen;
  • Additional multi-layer meshes trap the grease, and you can wash and reuse them time after time;
  • A silent range hood
  • It has carbon filter kits
  • Multi-layer purifying facility
  • It has a remote control
  • It has a wall installation facility
  • No cons from us.

6. Cosmo 5U30 30-in Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Cosmo 5U30 Under Cabinet Range Hood
Cosmo 5U30 Under Cabinet Range Hood

Would you like to install a range hood in your kitchen, but you don’t want any ducts or don’t have how to install them? Then turn your attention toward this ductless range hood model. It is probably one of the best ductless range hoods for small kitchens, the kinds you can find in apartments and condos.

Having just 30 inches in size, this model is very popular, as it can easily fit in any kitchen. Whether you mount it on the wall or under a small cabinet, it will do its job as expected. It will filter the air and trap inside all the particles generated by cooking with the help of carbon and stainless steel filters.

The carbon filters will retrain odors and small particles while the stainless steel filters will hold onto the grease. The best part is that the stainless steel filters can be washed and reused. However, the carbon filters will require periodic replacement. But, this shouldn’t get you worried, as they are very affordable.

You will be surprised by just how silent it can be. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it is not effective. This range hood has a rather powerful motor and will do its job right but in a discreet and silent manner.

Highlighted features

  • Filters effectively with the help of carbon and stainless steel filters
  • The motor is powerful, yet silent, providing three different speed option
  • The stainless steel filter can be washed and reused for a very long period
  • A small and popular size that makes it suitable for any kind of kitchen.
  • It has stainless steel filters
  • Powerful motor with different speed facility
  • Easy to clean system
  • High rating, no cons.

7. Z Line 760 CFM Wall Mount Range Hood

ZLINE ZLKB-30 Wall Mounted Range Hood
ZLINE ZLKB-30 Wall Mounted Range Hood

If you love how chimney range hoods look like, you’re probably going to be thrilled to know that this particular model doesn’t need any ducts to function right. You heard that right, it is indeed possible to enjoy a chimney range hood without installing ducts all over the kitchen.

This range hood has special Baffle Filters that will purify the air, besides just giving the hood a modern aspect. They will remove the grease from the smoke and steam generated by cooking processes. The best part about these filters is that you can conveniently wash them in the dishwasher.

Thus, you will have fully functional and clean filters at all times, with minimum effort. If you want to increase the absorption power of your range hood, you can add charcoal filters to it and you will get rid of odors and small particles as well. The range hood was made to be resistant, so you can expect its motor to work without repairs for a very long time.

Also, cleaning and maintaining the hood is very easy. You just need a microfiber cloth and a special stainless steel cleaning spray, and you’re done with the cleaning job in no time. To make this hood work, all you have to do is to install it on a wall. No cabinet is required for this particular model.

Highlighted features

  • Wall-mounting model with no need for ducts, as it works perfectly with its special Baffle Filters and charcoal filter kits;
  • Stainless steel finish that is very sturdy, durable, and easy to clean with the help of a microfiber cloth;
  • Reliably motor and fans that will work for years in a row without a problem.
  • It has wall mountain to easily install
  • Stainless steel made
  • Very strong and sustainable motor
  • Only one color available.

8. Perfetto Convertible Wall Mount Range Hood

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath Range Hood
Perfetto Kitchen and Bath Range Hood

For those looking for an aesthetic range hood, this particular model has all the chances to answer to their needs. Besides being extremely practical and working very well without any ducts, this range hood also looks very elegant.

How will it filter the air without the presence of ducts? Well, the grease present in smoke and steam when you cook will be captured by the stainless steel filter featured by the hood. When you notice that there are grease deposits on the hood’s filters, all you will have to do is to remove them and place them in the dishwasher.

This way, they will get properly cleaned, so that they can continue playing their role right. In case you want to make sure that all smoke particles and odors are captured effectively, you can add carbon filters to your range hood.

You will need to purchase them separately, as they won’t come together with the hood. Besides stainless steel filters, the hood also comes with two LED lights. They are very economical in terms of energy consumption, yet very bright at the same time. To control the range hood, you have a set of five easy-to-use buttons.

Highlighted features

  • An elegant chimney ductless range hood that has an adjustable height;
  • Stainless steel filters will hold onto the grease while giving you to easily wash them;
  • The range hood can be used together with carbon filter kits;
  • High-quality materials, like tempered glass and sturdy stainless steel.
  • Mountain makes easy to filter
  • It has a stainless steel filter
  • It has a carbon filter
  • Good looking design
  • No many color options available to choose from.

9. AKDY 30″ Wall Mount Stainless Steel Kitchen Range Hood

AKDY Wall Mount Range Hood
AKDY Wall Mount Range Hood

You enjoy cooking rather often and you are worried that a ductless range hood won’t handle it? This particular range hood is capable of dealing with an airflow of 400 CFM, so you can be sure that smoke and steam will not escape from the kitchen into the rest of the house.

Also, installing this range hood will be a piece of cake, as it comes with everything you need to mount it on the wall. It will have the chimney part and extension as well, so you can easily extend it up to the ceiling, for a beautiful appearance. You don’t need anything else but what comes along with the range hood.

The brushed stainless steel that composes the hood’s body is not just beautiful, but also very resistant and easy to maintain. Fingerprints won’t be noticeable on your hood and cleaning it will be a convenient task.

Concerning the hood’s control, you will have a beautiful touchscreen available. Thus, with just one touch of your finger, you will be able to set the desired speed of the motor and other features of the hood. If you want to enhance the filtering power of your hood, you will have to buy carbon filters separately.

Highlighted features

  • The range hood comes with everything needed for its installation;
  • Stainless steel filters can be washed in the dishwasher;
  • The effective but silent hood that will remove all grease and particles generated by your cooking;
  • A beautiful and modern touch panel allows easy control of the hood.
  • Easy to install feature
  • Sustainable stainless steel filter makes long-lasting
  • Noise-free hood
  • The touch control system makes easier to use
  • No wall installation option but still you can use with its adjustable and responsiveness.

10. Golden Vantage 30″ Euro Style Wall Mount Range Hood

Golden Vantage Euro Style Range Hood
Golden Vantage Euro Style Range Hood

This particular ductless range hood looks and works amazing. What makes us say that? First of all, it can handle a good level of airflow as you cook and manages to capture grease and particles with the help of a very good filter system.

The Baffle Filter used by this range hood is very effective when it comes to capturing and retaining grease and smoke particles. The best part about these filters is that they are entirely washable in the dishwasher. So, you won’t have to worry about grease deposits on the hood’s filter.

Just take the filter down from the hood, place it in the dishwasher, and allow the machine to do its part in cleaning the filter. The hood has a 30-inch wall-mounting design, with telescoping chimney, which means that you can adjust its height depending on where you install it in your kitchen.

Besides its chimney design with tempered glass, this range hood also has a touch screen that allows easy control and provides a modern aspect. For additional filtering power and odor removal, you can add carbon filters to the range hood. This way, air filtering will be improved, as you will have an extra filtering layer besides the hood’s Baffle Filter.

Highlighted features

  • Gorgeous stainless steel design, complemented by tempered glass and modern touch screen controls;
  • Highly effective Baffle Filter will capture all the grease while allowing you to clean it with ease in the dishwasher;
  • Durable stainless steel finish;
  • Three speeds are available for the motor.
  • Buying Considerations Ductless Range Hoods
  • The fact that there are so many options when it comes to ductless range hoods is both good and bad. The good part is that a wide array of products will increase the chances for you to find what you need easier.

The bad part is that you will have to choose well, in order to get the product that best answers to your needs. Thus, here are some aspects you should have into consideration when shopping for the best ductless range hood for your kitchen.

  • Good looking range hood
  • Noise-free
  • Easy to clean
  • Reusable filter
  • Power saving motor
  • No cons until now.

Best Dutchless Range Hood Review

The model of the range hood:
Ductless range hoods come in two main models. One that can be mounted under a cabinet and one that can be mounted directly on the wall. Depending on how your kitchen is designed and furnished, you will need to take the available space into consideration.

The range hoods that are made to be mounted under a cabinet are usually smaller, so they fit better in small kitchens where space is rather limited. You can also take this into consideration when creating the furniture according to the size and requirements of your kitchen.

In case you would like a range hood but you don’t have a special cabinet for it or you have an empty wall over the stove, then a model that mounts on the wall is the best choice for you. This type of range hoods is also known as “chimney” hoods, because of the chimney that can have its height adjusted. This way, you can make the chimney reach the ceiling, for a uniform and harmonious look.

The size of the ductless range hood:
When the available space is limited, the size of your future range hood counts a lot. If your kitchen is very small then you should look for range hoods with a slim design. This means that they will occupy the minimum amount of space required by such an appliance.

In the case of apartment or condo kitchen, you know just how important it is to use the available space as smart as you can. Of course, this doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a range hood in your kitchen. A ductless range hood will remove the necessity to install ducts and slim design will reduce space requirements.

If you want to position the hood under a cabinet, you should know the size of the cabinet and of the available space underneath it. Or, if your kitchen furniture is not done just yet, you can make the cabinet according to the size of the preferred range hood. No matter how you do this, making sure the size fits in your kitchen is a must.

The number of motors:
The number of motors counts when it comes to the airflow level that can be handled by a range hood. Of course, this doesn’t mean that one motor models are not reliable enough. You can get a one-motor range hood that is extremely powerful.

So, while the number of motors can indicate just how much air can the hood filter at once, you should also check the airflow level of the hood. If you cook rather often, you may need a range hood capable of filtering high levels of air and smoke. If you are an occasional chef, cooking when you are in the mood or when you have the time, a range hood that can filter a lot of air is not necessary.

However, if you want to invest in a powerful and reliable range hood, no one is stopping you from doing so. Also, it is good to bear in mind that even if all of the ductless range hoods are compatible with carbon filter kits, you will have to buy the kit separately. The range hoods will come only with stainless steel filters, and not with carbon filters as well.

Carbon filters are great if you want to make sure that your range hood is filtering the air at the highest level. The stainless steel filters will retain grease and large particles, while carbon filters will retain smaller particles and odors. So, considering that a carbon filter kit is rather affordable, it is worth getting one for your ductless range hood.

Efficiency versus noise:
Usually, the more power a range hood has, the noisier it will be. Well, that’s not always the case. Modern range hoods are made to deliver great results while working in a silent manner. Noise is indeed a problem for many range hood owners and users, so manufacturing companies did their best to solve this aspect.

These days, it is possible to find highly effective range hoods that produce a low noise level. The models we presented earlier will produce between 50 and 60 dB at most, so they are far from making as much noise as older range hoods make. Thus, cooking will be more enjoyable and you will be able to hear what the rest of your family members are saying, as you prepare dinner.

Kitchen Dutchess Hood Review

Control options:
Even when it comes to control options, you have quite a few choices at your disposal. There are range hoods that feature traditional buttons, each button representing a particular function. Of course, high-quality range hoods will have easy-to-use buttons that will require a minimum pressure to make the hood respond to your commands.

More modern range hoods will offer a touch screen display instead of buttons. This will definitely give the hood a high-end appearance and will make it more desirable. The touch screen will be used in the same manner you use a button panel, with the mention that touch display looks more contemporary and sophisticated.

And for those that really love technology, there are ductless range hoods that can be controlled in a remote manner as well. So, besides a touch screen display, the hood will also come with a remote control that will give you the chance to control and adjust it from a distance.

FAQs About Ductless Range Hoods:

Q. Will I need special kits to mount and install the ductless range hood?

A. A ductless range hood will come with everything you need for its mounting and installment. You won’t need to purchase anything else to make sure that the range hood is properly installed and ready to function.

Just make sure you follow all the instructions offered by the manufacturer regarding this aspect. Besides the fact that you will need a couple of tools, like something to drill holes in the wall, if you have a wall-mounting model, a screwdriver, and other similar tools, all the other accessories will be found in the hood’s package.

Still, it is worth mentioning that you should check the maximum height of the chimney in the case of chimney ductless range hoods. Some models may require additional accessories in order to reach the desired height for your kitchen.

So, while it is true that the chimney is usually extensible, you should see just how much you can extend it. In case you need more parts for the chimney, you will have to order them separately from the provider of your range hood.

Q. What about powering the range hood, how will I make it work?

A. A ductless range hood will require a regular power plug, just like any other kind of appliance you have in your kitchen. They don’t work on batteries and they don’t require anything that is out of the ordinary or special.

For chimney range hood, you may want to consider connecting the power cables directly with the power source, instead of simply plugging in the hood. This way, you will avoid having handing cables along the range hood. But, do not do this on your own. For this kind of operation, you will need a certified electrician that will know what needs to be done.

This is not a DIY project, as working with electricity can be dangerous. While you can mount the range hood on your own, it is recommended to ask the help of an electrician if you’re not sure how to plug it to the available power source.

Q. If I want to use it ductless, what kind of filters do I need?

A. Because ductless range hoods don’t function with the help of ducts, the entire filtering process is done with the help of filters. The range hood will come equipped with a special stainless steel mesh or filter, which is designed to capture the grease present in smoke or steam when cooking.

So, you already have a layer of filters that will clean the air when you’ll be cooking. What you can buy is a carbon filter kit, which usually is not delivered together with the range hood. All ductless range hoods are made to be compatible with such kits, so the chances for the carbon filters not to fit with such a range hood are very slim.

If you choose to add a charcoal carbon filter to your range hood, you will practically add another layer of filters to it. Charcoal filters are great for retaining fine particles and odors resulted from cooking.

Q. It is hard to maintain and clean a ductless range hood?

A. The level of maintenance for a ductless range hood is very low. The stainless steel filters or meshes can be easily washed inside a washing machine, so you don’t have to worry about grease deposits on these filters.

Also, if the stainless steel body of the range hood becomes dirty, you can easily clean it with a special cleaning product and a microfiber cloth. It is recommended to use adequate cleaning sprays made for stainless steel surfaces to avoid the body of the range hood from getting scratched.

The use of a microfiber cloth will prevent this from happening as well while allowing you to properly clean the surface of the range hood and redeem is former aspect and shine.

Q. Will the range hood provide any light?

A. Yes, all ductless range hoods are equipped with one or two light bulbs. Still, it is worth mentioning that not all models will include the light bulbs in the package. You should check this before purchasing the range hood.

Some will just mention the kind of light bulbs that fit with the range hood’s model, so you will know what to purchase. But, there are models that come with the light bulbs already installed. Modern models feature LED light bulbs, which offer a high level of light while consuming very little power when lit.

Q. Are there are any replaceable parts?

A. The only part of a ductless range hood that requires periodic replacement is the carbon filter. And, for most models, you will need to replace a carbon filter only if you purchase it separately and add it to the filtering system of your range hood. This is due to the fact that these range hoods are not delivered with charcoal carbon filters.

Thus, if stainless steel filters can be washed and reused, carbon filters must be replaced once they are saturated with particles and grease. The motor and fans of the range hood will work very many years in a row without the need to be replaced or repaired. So will the LED lights, which are made to offer countless hours of light.

Bottom Line

A range hood is a great addition to every kitchen, especially when you have an open space design in your home. Because there is no door or walls to separate the kitchen from the living room or dining area, they can be easily flooded with smoke and odors from the food preparation process.

A range hood will capture all the smoke and odors, leaving the air in the room clean and fresh. But, not very many kitchens can accommodate the ducts that should be installed in order to make a range hood function. Luckily, there are ductless range hoods that filter the air with the help of revolutionary stainless steel filters and meshes, and charcoal carbon filters.

A ductless range hood is ideal for small kitchens or for those kitchens where ducts are not a desirable feature. The filters will do all the work needed for the cleaning of the air, so you won’t have to worry about their effectiveness at this chapter.

Just make sure to keep the filters clean and replace them when needed. As mentioned earlier, stainless steel filters can be washed and reused, while carbon filters will require periodic replacement.

Besides checking the features a ductless range hood offers, you should always check its size and mounting option, making sure it will indeed fit in your kitchen, especially if you already furnished the space. Hopefully, the previous list presenting the best ductless range hoods will help you make an informed choice and get the range hood your kitchen deserves.

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