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5 Best Commercial Pressure Cooker Reviews | Cookery Tool

Commercial Pressure Cooker
Commercial Pressure Cooker


Commercial pressure cookers, as the name suggests are best suited for commercial use, like in restaurants and catering businesses.

They usually have a larger than average capacity, so can be used in big families as well. They are not your standard run off the mill cookers, commercial pressure cookers are heavy-duty.

They are manufactured using high-quality aluminum, stainless steel, or hard-anodized materials.

The kitchen appliances used in restaurants need to be food grade. So it is ensured that the materials used to manufacture the commercial cookers are not toxic and the food prepared in it is fit for consumption.

Catering services and eateries need to use cookers a lot, so commercial pressure cookers are made to endure frequent usage.

They are durable and long-lasting. They often have fancy, advanced features that may not be required for home use. They are built for functionality rather than aesthetic beauty.

They are easier to clean since they are used in busy kitchens. All of these factors make them more expensive than regular cookers.


When people need to cook large quantities of food, they either cook it in batches or use 2-3 different cookwares.

But that leads to inconsistency in flavor and requires double the effort. To solve such inconveniences, commercial cookers can be used.

Using the upgraded appliance will reduce time and energy consumption while also increasing the performance. Standard cookers made for homes are used to cook food not more than once or twice a day.


But commercial pressure cookers can be used for hours on end. Even so, they are guaranteed to keep going for quite a while. Prolonged usage won’t affect the quality of the pressure cooker.

A commercial pressure cooker is your best bet if you cook large quantities frequently or simply want to invest in a cooker that won’t need to be replaced time and again.




Buffalo Cookware was first established in 1957 in Taiwan. Then, it expanded its service to Japan and Malaysia. The company now has its footprints all over Asia and beyond.

Buffalo is the instigator of several revolutionary technologies in the cookware industry. They also spearheaded the manufacturing of stainless steel and aluminum wok. The brand is particularly known for its stainless steel products.

Usually, many cook wares require the process of seasoning before they are ready to be used. Seasoning means placing the utensil on high heat and prepping it with oil which is then wiped away.

This method is done a few more times until it leads to a stick-resistant utensil coating.  But Buffalo products do not need to be prepped like that before cooking. It can be used as soon as it is taken out of the packaging box.

Buffalo pressure cooker comes in 5 sizes ranging from 8 Quart to 37 Quart. The 8 Quart, 12 Quart, 15 Quart, and 21 Quart are classics series pressure cookers while the 32 Quart and the 37 Quart model are commercial pressure cookers.

The 32 series cooker’s model name is QCP430 and is designed as well as manufactured in Malaysia. It is a manual pressure cooker made of stainless steel and weighs around 17.63 pounds.

Since it is a commercial pressure cooker, it has a huge capacity OF 30.28 LITRES. The inside dimension of this model is 14” x 14” x 16”.

It is suitable for doing canning preservation since numerous jars can be placed inside the cooker. To help visualize the capacity imagine a container in which 24 jars, each having a volume of 16oz can fit. 

To ensure maximum safety, it comes with an emergency pressure relief device and a pressure indication valve.

It comes with 10 years’ warranty on removable and plastic parts. The time of the delivery depends on the area where you are living; most of the time it takes a week to show up.


  • Buffalo QCP430 has an ISO 9001: 2000 and Safety Goods (SG) Certificate
  • The capacity it can hold is a lot. It is one of the largest commercial cookers out there.
  • It is heavy-duty yet lightweight.


  • It is more expensive than the others.
  • The manual attached to the product is not very useful since it does not provide much information on how to do canning using this cooker.



This model is shipped from China and is a product of HB-WX which was established in 1985.

It’s a stainless steel commercial pressure cooker and weighs around 3500 grams. It can be used to cook on stovetops and induction surfaces.

The main parts of the cooker are rotary switches, safety valve, air valve, elastic beam, three layered bottom surface, and a durable handle. The non-stick bottom heats food evenly.

The handle is made using Bakelite to make it heat resistant. It is designed in such a way that if the pressure inside the cooker gets excessive, the ring will be ejected.

To ensure that the lid is sealed correctly, it will make a sound after. To make the cooker explosion-proof, the pressure is controlled in such a way that it will not exceed a certain limit. A long term guarantee is offered along with it.


  • To avoid the exhaust valve getting blocked by minuscule food particles, an anti-blocking cover is attached.
  • It can be placed on an induction cooker, ceramic surface, gas stove, and electric furnace.


  • For the price range, better pressure cooker options are available.

3. Hawkins Bigboy Commercial Size Pressure Cooker:

HAWKINS BIGBOY Commercial Pressure Cooker

You might have seen this model in pressure cooker commercials.

Hawkins is one of the most popular cookware brands. It is a leading pressure cooker manufacturer and is ruling the market for over sixty years. So, their experience in the industry speaks for itself.

Although it is an Indian based company, Hawkins’s products are well known worldwide.

The pressure cookers of this company are known because of their standard, longevity, and security.  

Hawkins Big boy model, as the name suggests has a capacity of 22 liters. It is best suited for restaurants or large family needs. This commercial pressure cooker will help you cook huge quantities of food more quickly.

The cooker is made of virgin aluminum and weighs around 21.60 lbs. It has a distinct design compared to conventional pressure cookers. The cooker has a rubber ring surrounding the lid.

It fits perfectly inside the cooker container and acts as a locking mechanism. The cooker has a whistle on the top that makes a hissing sound periodically to release extra pressure.

You can figure the cooking time needed by taking into consideration the number of times the whistle ‘hisses’. The lid can be opened only after the steam is released completely.

It is best suited for stovetops.  The delivery time depends on the location; it can take 4-12 days to arrive.


  • In busy homes or restaurants, it is easy to misplace the vent weight of cookers. So, this model has a chain that connects the weight to the lid securely.
  • It is a heavy-duty pressure cooker.


  • For people not used to the lid locking mechanism, it may take a while to figure it out.

4. 6.5L Commercial Pressure Cooker by HB-WX


This cooker could catch anybody’s eye. The model’s design looks distinct with a striking reddish pink body. The clip-on lid is black with a red knob. It weighs around 3.5 kg and the size is 6.5 liter. 

It is 16cm deep. The cooker’s total dimension including the handle and the lid measurement is 25.5cm x 36cm (h x w).

It is a commercial stainless steel pressure cooker that will not rust. It can be used on the induction top, stove, electric top, and various other surfaces due to its three-layered base structure.

The top of the cooker has a vent valve and a fast exhaust gear check valve. The ring is made of flexible, silicone material. It can cook food more than 60% faster than standard pans.

It has a pressure regulator on the lid that you can use to monitor the correct pressure level while cooking. A 100% guarantee is offered by the brand.


  • It has a chic design.
  • The bottom of the commercial pressure cooker is three-layered.
  • The enhanced clip-on lid technology is used in this model


  • If brand popularity is one of the first things you look for before buying, then this cooker may not be the most favored choice, as it is rather off-branded.

5. Commercial Deepening Large Capacity Pressure Cooker


This model is another product of HB-WX.

The size of the commercial pressure cooker is 18L and it weighs around 3500 grams i.e. 772 pounds. So, this cooker is better for home cooking as it lies on the smaller side. 

The slick design of this cooker looks modern. The body is made of stainless steel. It is durable and long-lasting. The lid makes use of hygienic silicone rubber as a sealing component.

This reliable model will drastically reduce your cooking time. The bottom of the cooker is made of tough three layers to prevent the burning of food. It does not require much cleaning, just use a damp sponge or fabric and you are done.

The manufacturer offers a 100% guarantee on this model. To keep the cooker intact after buying, store it in a dry and aerated place.


  • The price is more affordable than others
  • The pressure cooker is made to be explosion free, so it is secure.


  • The manufacturing company is not a well-known brand.


  • Which cooker is better, aluminum or stainless steel?

Stainless steel cookers due to their glossy finish will look as good as new for years. They are tougher and more durable than aluminum cookers. Cleaning can be done easily if the cooker is stainless steel. But it is more expensive.

Aluminum cookware is a good heat conductor. So, it can save more fuel than stainless steel appliances in the long run.  But you need to keep an eye out as continued excessive heating may cause damage to its exterior.

Aluminum cookers are less durable. They are lightweight and cheaper than stainless steel commercial pressure cookers.

  • Are pressure cookers prone to an explosion?

Earlier, they were quite vulnerable to explosions. But modern commercial pressure cookers have many built-in safety features.

If the temperature or pressure inside the container exceeds a certain limit, the cooking process will be automatically stopped.

More than one valve is used while manufacturing it. Many models have a pressure indicator on the lid as well.

To fully ensure safety, you should follow the basic instructions like:

  1. Add enough water to the cooker
  2. Close the lid correctly
  3. At the time of opening the pressure cooker, make sure you have already released the pressure.
  4. Do not clog the opening of the pressure valve.
  • What is canning?

Canning is a food preservation method.  Canning using a commercial pressure cooker can be done by sealing it inside jars and placing the said jar inside the high-temperature cooker.

This is done so that all the air is sucked out of the jar, making it vacuum-sealed. The resultant food will have a longer shelf life due to the removal of microorganisms. Canning can be done for jams, pickles, meats, etc.

First, place the food that needs to be preserved inside the warm jar. But do not overfill it. You can fit multiple jars inside a commercial pressure cooker.

After the water is boiling lightly, place the lid on. After a while, if you hear popping sounds, that means the jars have been sealed properly.

  • What is the amount of water that should be added to the commercial pressure cooker?

Add at least a few cups of water to the pressure cooker. The bigger the pressure cooker, the more water you will need to add. Pressure cooker commercial-sized needs enough water or the food will burn.

But the maximum amount you can add is 2/3 of the commercial pressure cooker’s capacity.

Alternatively, for the first 10-15 minutes, it is recommended to add around half a pint/ one cup of water. Afterward, add another half cup for every 15 minutes of cooking time. However, do check the recipe.

  • Other than boiling, which cooking techniques can be done using a commercial pressure cooker?

Many cookers especially commercial electric pressure cookers can be used to prepare food using a vast variety of methods. You just need to know which technique requires the removal of the lid and rubber gasket.

You can use it for stewing steaming or poaching. Even deep frying is possible without a lid on. It can be used as a commercial chicken fryer pressure cooker.

 Every so often, you can use it for baking by removing the gasket and whistle to imitate a convection oven.

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